Love your skin, love your hair, care for the environment.
Your natural skincare and haircare routine can be great for you and kind to the environment.


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Sustainability is not only about using organic ingredients.  It is also about sourcing them from the local suppliers to limit carbon footprint. We buy ingredients from companies based in the UK, some of them only just a few miles from where Bunch Skincare and Haircare is based. 

We use organic ingredients where possible, as organic farming is better for soil and wildlife. Organic farms supplying ingredients are home to 30% more species of wildlife and up to staggering 75% more wild bees!

Using vegan ingredients is also a big part of our sustainability drive. Animal farming is believed to be a major driver for deforestation, loss of habitat and global warming. We don't want to be part of the problem; therefore you will not find animal-derived ingredients in any of our organic skincare or haircare products.

We also believe that sustainability is fundamentally about using fewer resources. This is why our products are formulated with minimum ingredients for maximum benefit. With no fillers, unnecessary ingredients or colourings. The majority of our products are formulated with just 10 or fewer ingredients. 

All our products are also water-free, making them more concentrated and longer-lasting. 

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The beauty industry produces a staggering amount of packaging waste! According to Zero Waste Week, 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry.!


A lot of it is unrecyclable due to its complexity or the use of materials such as cellophane.

Have you ever wondered whether all this wrapping is necessary? Do creams need to come in multilayer boxes wrapped in cellophane? Do nail varnish dispensers need a cute ribbon to be presentable? Some of the materials used are recyclable, but producing them uses a lot of natural resources, therefore; even if recycled there is still a huge environmental impact.

At Bunch Skincare and Haircare we decided to get rid of all the unnecessary and wasteful packaging. You'll not find our organic body oils wrapped in cartons or cellophane that are only used for two seconds before they land in the bin. 

Our solid shampoo bars come in fully recyclable cartons and our plastic-free powder face wash and vegan dry shampoos are packaged in compostable tubes. 

We will soon phase out all plastic labels (we use paper, recycled labels for all shampoo bars, dry shampoos and powder face wash).  

All our shipping materials are plastic-free, we use envelopes instead of boxes for shipping as fewer resources are used to produce paper envelopes than cartons.

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What's better than recycling? Reusing! And what's better than reusing? Reducing!

But of course, you want to use Bunch Skincare and Haircare organic facial oils, body oils or shampoo bars! 

You are already reducing waste by using our products! Our organic facial oils and natural hair care products are supplied in only necessary, but still beautiful and functional packaging. Bunch Skincare organic oils are concentrated, water-free and formulated with minimum ingredients; therefore will last for longer. And we have several plastic-free products available, including shampoo bars, dry shampoos and powder face wash for those of you on the mission to eradicate plastic from your beauty routine. 

How about reusing? Our organic facial oils and organic body oils come in high-quality, European made glass. Although fully recyclable, these bottles are too beautiful to be thrown away just after one use. We encourage you to reuse them as beautiful flower vases, or storage containers.

Any gardeners around? Natural dry shampoo and powder face wash cardboard shakers make great propagation pots and they are compostable!