Revitalise Natural Dry Shampoo - Fragrance-Free

We've all been there: no time or will to wash hair, but a burning desire to have another great hair day! Bunch Revitalise Natural Dry Shampoo will solve this issue for you!


100% natural and vegan dry shampoo is blended with highly absorbent natural arrowroot and rice starches, remineralising white and pink clays plus coconut-derived charcoal which absorb oil, sweat and odour and restore volume and bounce. 

The formula of natural dry shampoo is enriched with nettle, panthenol and allantoin providing benefits beyond clean hair!


Bunch botanical, vegan dry shampoo formula is free from propellants and very alkaline baking soda which could upset your acidic scalp.


Suitable for women and men and all hair types, including treated and dyed. 

Revitalise Natural Dry Shampoo - Fragrance-Free

Size: 65g
  • Light, free-flowing powder shampoo with a faint, natural scent. Off-white colour.

    The scented peppermint-mandarin version of our natural dry shampoo is also available.