Balance - Solid Shampoo Bar for oily hair

The plastic-free shampoo revolution is here and it's time to join in!  Try this super-foamy and natural solid shampoo bar for sustainable, gentle cleansing of oily hair and scalp. 

Soap-free, pH-balanced shampoo bar will leave your hair clean, shiny, voluminous, soft and easy to manage even without using a conditioner. 

Brimming with ingredients your hair and scalp will love: coconut oil, hemp oil, nettle, spirulina and panthenol, you don't have to choose between looking after the planet or looking after your hair.


The solid shampoo bar is concentrated, it will replace approximately two 250ml bottles of regular shampoo. Plastic-free, sustainable alternative to traditional shampoo. Free from colourants. 

Balance - Solid Shampoo Bar for oily hair

Size: 80 g
  • Dark green colour, natural, refreshing mandarin and eucalyptus aroma.