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Why the powder beauty products are here to stay

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Powder beauty products and toiletries may seem like thing of the past (tooth powder anyone?), but there is still plenty to choose from and you may want to consider adding them to your eco-friendly and sustainable beauty routine.

powder face cleanser, natural dry shampoo
Powder beauty products

Just add water

Why would you buy an already diluted product when you can add water yourself? That's the idea behind powdered beauty products, simple!

Simply removing water not only makes the products lighter (think transportation costs) but also allows them to stay fresh for longer, as many cosmetic ingredients tend to degrade quickly in the water environment.

Powder formula has many other benefits:

  • The majority of powder formulas don't need preservatives to stay fresh, which is great news for those of you who like 'free-from' beauty products.

  • It can be formulated without fillers, like thickeners, diluents or water, making them much more concentrated than your everyday liquid products.

  • Powder formula can be customised, just decide how much water or oil to add to archive the potency that suits you!

  • Powder beauty products can be sustainably packaged. They don't need to be filled into plastic bottles or heavy glass jars, they are very much at home in compostable cardboard packaging of the future.

  • Powder beauty products are also very travel-friendly. No need to worry about removing them from your hand luggage. Also, they will not tip the weight of your suitcase over the limit!

  • Powder beauty products are less wasteful because their manufacturing process requires less energy and since they don't tend to go off as quickly as water-based products, you are sure to use every bit of your favourite beauty powder!

Powder beauty products to add to your daily routine

organic face powder cleanser

There are so many great powder beauty products to add to your daily ritual and you don't have to stop at skincare, consider hair products too!

Powder face cleansers are surely the best powder beauty products available. Formulated with cleansing ingredients, superfoods and exfoliants these super-concentrated, lightweight mixtures eliminate the need for a separate exfoliating product.

For the ultimate multi-tasking powder face cleanser try Bunch Skincare Cleanse Natural Face Wash. This product provides mild cleansing and exfoliation in one. Packed full of skincare superstars like spirulina to balance your skin and cleanse the pores, pineapple powder to gently exfoliate and organic chamomile powder to soothe. And it looks so beautiful! Pure pleasure.

In the haircare department, we recommend you try one of Bunch Natural Dry Shampoos. Vegan, natural dry shampoos are formulated with highly absorbent natural starches and clays to give your hair another day of freshness, but this is not all they have to offer! They contain nettle and panthenol to nourish your hair and allantoin to soothe your scalp. Another multi-tasking, beauty powder to add to your arsenal of sustainable and eco-friendly beauty products!

Did we mention both products are packaged in compostable cardboard tubes?

Now, there's no excuse to embrace the raise of the powder beauty trend!

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