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Why Colour Friday is Better for You than Black Friday

Have you heard about Black Friday? Of course, you had! It is impossible to avoid the mad rush of sales offers and relentless Black Friday adverts in every imaginable media channel out there!

But what if you stopped for a moment? And instead of indulging in overspending with retail giants and buying yet another generic gift, you bought one gift from a small or local business?

Sounds appealing? Read on to find out more about Colour Friday!

What is Colour Friday

Colour Friday is a new annual campaign launched by Holly & Co.

In short, it is a more sustainable and mindful alternative to Black Friday. And I absolutely love it!

It has been launched to remind us all about the colour and creativity small businesses up and down the country bring to our lives!

What's best about it, everybody can get involved and it is super easy to do so.

All you need to do is spend some of (or all) your Christmas shopping budget with small, independent or local businesses.

Why is it important to get involved? Just imagine what would shopping be like with just the retail giants to choose from? It would be dull, dull, dull! November is dull enough, so why not add some colour and fun to your life before it is too late! Before small businesses disappear from our High Streets. And why shopping small this Black (or rather Colour) Friday can benefit you and your loved ones? Read on to find out!

Benefits of shopping small and independent this Black Friday and beyond

Now you know what Colour Friday is all about, it is time to find out what is in for you?

  • First of all, by shopping small you most likely will be able to find one-off and original gifts. Gifting is thought, and you really don't want to spend all that time looking for a gift and end up buying something the person already has.

  • It may take a little more time to find or buy a gift from an independent business, but rest assured it will be worth it. The person being gifted will surely appreciate your time spent and effort made sourcing that amazing gift nobody else will have.

  • When shopping small this Black Friday you will feel good! Shopping small is usually a more relaxed affair than pushing through crowds of people to get your hands on the 'lastest must have' product. Take your time and enjoy the experience.

  • By shopping small and local you are directly contributing to the local economy. For every £100 spend at locally and independently owned businesses, a huge £68 remains and recirculates in the local economy.

  • Small, local businesses create local jobs and put the money back into the local economy. Unlike retail giants who send their profits to their offshore accounts or use them to send their owners to space (and why did they come back?). You know who I'm talking about here.

  • By shopping small this Black Friday and beyond you are likely to get better service. The small business owners put their heart, soul, passion, experience and quite often life savings into creating something special and unique. By doing so, they know the products inside out and will be able to advise you with confidence whether their product is the right choice for you or your loved ones.

  • Shopping small and independent is quite often the most environmentally friendly choice out there. Small and independent businesses tend to source their supplies locally, from other local and ethical businesses. By doing so they reduce carbon footprint, environmental impact and contribute to the well-being of everyone in the supply chain.

  • We all love to have freedom and choice. Local and small businesses provide exactly that. It is so much more exciting to find that unique shop or product than walking into a generic shop that looks exactly the same and sells the same stuff in every location.

  • Shopping small and independent feels like being on holiday! Sounds bold? Yeah, but it truly is! Finding that local shop selling unique items you have never seen anywhere else is like walking into a shop in a faraway destination. That shop far, far away will also be unique, new and exciting and will have that clay, handmade turtle you always wanted in stock! So get that holiday feeling from the comfort of your town! No passport required!

  • The small and independent business owner will most likely be your neighbour, friend, colleague or family member! You would not want them to have to shut the shop and leave the town because nobody buys from them or uses their services? These people are more invested in the community's future than a CEO of an international brand and maybe will provide income, employment and opportunity for your children in the future? That's a win-win, for sure!

  • Shopping small and independent may even be good for your health. Not only it is less stressful, and let's face it, nobody needs mores to stress about Christmas time, or anytime for that matter. Shopping local may be good for your physical health too! How? Your local and independent shop most likely will be a walking distance from where you live, so instead of driving take a walk. Once you've loaded your reusable bags with locally made goods, you'll get some weights training too. Switch your step counter on and watch hitting that daily goal and feel good!

So many great reasons to shop small and local! I could probably go on and on for much longer, but I know that you just want to get out there and support local businesses!

You can shop independent and local online too!

What if you love shopping online, but still want to support local businesses? Courtesy of pandemic, many local shops and makers now have websites you can purchase from. But due to the dark and secret art of SEO and google rating, their website may not pop up in the top results. So how can you find them?

  • Check google maps, many local and independent shops will have their business listed on there.

  • Turn to good old Instagram or Facebook and search for hashtags like #shopindependentuk, #shoplocaluk, #shopsmallchristmasuk or # followed by the name of the town, county or village you live in. All these lovely, creative businesses will appear. And once you've found them, why not give them a follow, like and comment?

  • Check your local papers and information websites. Thye may have listings of local makers and shakers!

Happy, local and independent shopping this Black Friday or should I say Colour Friday?!


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