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Why choosing organic skincare is better for you and the planet

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

The second week of Organic September is here, so it's a perfect time to consider the impact of beauty products on the environment! Have you ever wondered whether using organic beauty products can make a positive difference? Read on to find out!

Reasons why organic beauty is better for the environment

Organic beauty slowly becomes mainstream, but is it really better for your skin and the environment? According to The Soil Association, 45% of consumers believe it is. Let's find out why!

  1. Organic is better for soil and wildlife because organic farms supplying ingredients are home to 30% more species of wildlife and up to staggering 75% more wild bees! While organic soils are around 25% more effective in storing carbon. That is a huge difference in comparison with non-organic farming.

  2. Caring for animal welfare is at the core of organic ethos. Looking after animals and reducing or removing animal-derived ingredients is beneficial for the environment and helps preserve biodiversity and reduces greenhouse gases emission.

  3. Organic beauty products contain natural or naturally derived ingredients which biodegrade without causing harm to the environment. You'll not find the forever-chemicals polluting environment in the natural, organic beauty.

  4. The organic beauty movement supports sustainable packaging and moves towards reducing packaging to the minimum. Reducing is better than recycling, that is why Bunch products are supplied in minimum packaging. Quality doesn't have to be overpackaged!

Reasons why organic beauty is better for your skin and hair

How about the benefits of organic skincare and haircare products for your skin and hair? There are plenty!

  1. Beauty products made of organic ingredients are nutrient-rich because organically farmed ingredients contain more of the good things than traditionally framed products. It means you can use less of your favourite organic beauty product, see the results faster and look great without using tons of beauty potions!

  2. Organic beauty products contain fewer residual pesticides and other harmful chemicals that could potentially irritate your skin. And that is probably the number one benefit of organic beauty products!

  3. Organic beauty products do not contain synthetic fragrances or colourings. Fragrances are the number one irritant in skincare and haircare fomulations.

  4. Beauty products made of sustainable and organically produced ingredients support the protection of the environment and biodiversity. What this leads to are cleaner air and the environment. We would all look much better if our skin and hair weren't constantly attacked by free radicals generated by pollution!

  5. Switching to organic gives you peace of mind, because you know exactly what is in your beauty product. One less reason to be stressed, and stress is a major contributor when it comes to ageing or breakouts!

  6. Organic skincare products are free from silicones, paraffin and petroleum-derived ingredients.

  7. Using organic is an all-around feel-good thing to do! It will make you happy and as result, will make your skin and hair look great, naturally!

The bottom line is, organic is safer and better for your skin, hair, wellbeing, the planet and the animals. Let's all make an effort and make a switch for a better future.


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