What is Waterless Beauty

There are so many skincare trends out there, some are not so good for the planet (like 12-step beauty routines generating mountains of packaging waste) and some can help reduce our negative impact on the environment. Read on to find out why waterless beauty can be beneficial to your skin, wallet and environment.

The power of water

We all love the refreshing shower, dip in an ocean, a splash of water to rinse the day off or a glass of water to hydrate and cool our bodies. We can't live without it, our planet would be a barren land without water, no doubt. And a boring one! Imagine life without watersports!

But do we really need to use water-based products in our daily beauty routine, as the best way to hydrate the skin is from the inside?

Adding water as a filler to the product reduces its costs (to the manufacturer), but dilutes it and makes it less effective. This in turns means you need to buy more of it. The more you buy, the more packaging waste is generated. This doesn't sound like an eco-friendly, sustainable skincare routine...But is waterless beauty a solution?

Benefits of waterless beauty products

Waterless beauty is not a total solution. Water is used during the manufacturing process (think cleaning and sanitising of the equipment, water used during growing and harvesting of the ingredients, water added during consumer use); nevertheless, it can help reduce your environmental footprint and can be very beneficial to your skin, hair and wallet. How? Read on to learn about the five benefits of waterless beauty.

1. Reducing packaging waste: by using waterless beauty products you buy less because waterless beauty formulas are concentrated. By buying less you reduce the packaging waste.

2. You only pay for the active ingredients: waterless beauty products may cost more, but since they are concentrated they last much longer. You only pay for the ingredients that provide real benefits to your skin and hair. Just don't forget to drink 2 litres of water a day to keep your body hydrated!

3. You buy longer-lasting products: waterless beauty products are much more potent than water containing formulas. The higher the concentrate, the less product you need and the longer it lasts.

4. Ethically sourced ingredients: waterless beauty products are often produced from vegan, organic, high quality and ethically sourced ingredients. This may bring the price up, but ethical sourcing and manufacturing gives you higher quality beauty products and also reduces the overall negative environmental impact of chemically fuelled farming.