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What is Skinimalism trend and how to embrace it?

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Have you heard about the Skinimalism trend yet? Have you embraced it?

What can I say, we are all about skin and hair minimalism here at Bunch. Read on to find out how we incorporate it in everything we do and how to create sustainable minimal skincare and haircare routine.

Skinimalism trend

What is Skinimalism

What is skinimalism? Skinimalism is a new trend taking beauty by storm, and for a good reason! According to Pinterest, skinimalism: 'It’s the end of the caked-on make-up look. Embracing slow beauty and let the natural skin texture shine through. This new ‘effortlessly chic’ routine is simple and sustainable.'

This just sounds like the Bunch Skincare dream come true, as we were never fans of 12-step beauty routines and bathroom shelves bowing under the weight of all the 'necessary' products. Imagine the waste, waste of products, as most of them were never fully used, waste or natural resources, the mountain of waste produced and waste of time! We don't like waste here, oh no! So what do we do to help you with your minimal skincare journey?

Bunch Skincare and Skinimalims

We firmly believe less is more in every aspect of life (except shoes) and skincare doesn't have to be complicated.

Have you ever thought about what all these ingredients in your skincare actually do? Do they do anything at all, maybe all they do is make your skin worse? That is why we stripped back the formulas and created simple, effective botanical skin and hair products with minimal ingredients. Most Bunch products contain 10 ingredients or less and each and every ingredient has been selected with its beneficial properties in mind.

You will not find any 'fillers' in Bunch products!

Packaging is another skincare culprit. We firmly believe minimalism should go deeper than using fewer products, with fewer ingredients. How about using skin and hair products with less packaging? That sounds like a brilliant idea!

All Bunch skincare and haircare products come in minimal packaging. No unnecessary boxes, cellophane or wrapping creating a false sense of 'luxury'. Our motto is 'everything you need and nothing you don't' and we know you don't need more waste.

Leonardo da Vinci said ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication', we are not going to argue with a genius, are we? We fully agree and that is why Bunch products have simple names which clearly explain what the product is, what it does and what it contains. We have taken Skinimalism to another level! Minimal skincare should be easy to understand.

How to create your minimalist skincare and hair care routine

Minimal skincare routine

The first step is to have a good, hard look at your bathroom cabinet and decide which products do you really use and get rid of anything that is out of date or hasn't been used in the last month.

Next, remind yourself about the simple skincare routine that existed before it all got so complicated: cleanse, moisturise (nourish) and protect. Haircare routine can be even simpler: wash and condition.

The last step is to choose quality, vegan, botanical-rich products which will do the hard work for you.

Cleanse your face with a refreshing Natural Face Wash. This fragrance-free product contains a very mild foaming surfactant to gently remove debris, fabulous chamomile, rice and pineapple powders for mild exfoliation and a skincare superfood - spirulina. Bunch powder cleanser is a true multitasker.

Moisturise, nourish and protect with one of Bunch Skincare vegan face oils. Choose one according to your skin needs. All Bunch Face oils are brimming with moisturising, protecting botanical oils, antioxidants to fight pollution and sun damage, fatty acids helping rebuild and strengthen the skin barrier and carefully selected essential oils for antiageing, balancing or soothing properties.

Watch this space for new minimal haircare products coming soon to Bunch Shop!

Embrace Skinimalism with Bunch!


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