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Walnut Oil, why I love you!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Hello, hello! Do you like to know the reasons behind ingredients being included in the formula? Are they really needed? Do they actually work and benefit your skin or are they just 'fillers'? In the upcoming blog posts, I'll present all the ingredients in Bunch Skincare formulas and explain what is their function and how they can help you feel great in your skin. I promise, there are no fillers!

Walnut, the basics

Walnut oil is extracted from walnuts, fruits of Juglans Regia.

It is a magnificent tree! It can grow to 35 meters. Walnut is native to southeast Europe and south-west China. It was originally grown in the UK for its nuts. Later it was grown for its timber, which is fine with a decorative, wavy grain.

Walnut was first introduced by the Romans who, like much of our native wildlife, valued its nuts. You can read more about the walnut tree on Woodland Trust Website.

I just love walnuts and walnut trees! My parents have one great example in their garden. It contributes shape, shade and food, what's there not to love? Every time I visit I sit together with my family under the tree and we have a coffee! I also have a fantastic walnut coffee table. Walnut and coffee what an excellent combination!

But let's focus on walnut oil and its amazing properties.

Walnut oil properties

Every part of the walnut tree has a use, is it a zero-waste tree? Everything created by nature is ultimately zero-waste. The beautiful timber is used in fine furniture making, leaves and green fruit skin have been used for centuries in medicine (for example to relieve diarrhoea), and as tanning agents and in hair dyes. Walnut shell is used as an exfoliating agent in cosmetic products and walnuts are just excellent food for people and other mammals. But what about walnut oil?

Walnut seeds contain approximately 65% oil. Walnut oil is a dry feeling and easily absorbed into the skin. The oil is light yellow and has a characteristic, nutty aroma. Walnut oil is characterised by its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, represented by linoleic acid (omega-6) and a-linolenic acid (omega-3).

Thanks to its fatty acid composition, walnut oil is an excellent emollient for anyone with irritated, inflamed, allergy-prone and acne-prone skin. It works well for oily complexion and skin with enlarged pores thanks to astringent properties of phenols. Antioxidants help fight free radicals and reduce oxidisation of sebum, hence helping get rid of the blackheads.

The high content of phenols and Vitamin E makes it also ideal for use in caring for mature skin. Phenols help tighten the skin reducing the visibility of wrinkles. Regenerative properties of this oil leave the skin soft, replenished, and supple. Ceramides present in walnut oil help rebuilt skin barrier and in turn help retain moisture, protect the skin against environmental aggressors like irritants, and pollution.

It is a wonderful oil with so many beneficial properties.

Bunch Skincare Products with Walnut Oil

I absolutely adore walnut trees, walnuts and walnut oil! I'd love to include this multi-tasking oil in every single formula I design, but of course, this is not possible. Its outstanding antioxidative and astringent properties and also dry feel made it a great contender for inclusion in the balancing oil designed for oily and combination skin. And this is exactly where you can find walnut oil, in Buch Skincare Balance Organic Face Oil. Together with antiseptic neem oil, anti-inflammatory calendula oil, balancing jojoba and a refreshing combination of lavender, tea tree and geranium essential oils Balance Organic Face Oil is just the ticket for anybody with oily or combination skin! It is a gentle, natural and organic way to look after oily and combination complexion without stripping the protective layer from your skin. Long live walnut oil!


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