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Meet and fall in love with new vegan and plastic-free shampoo bars from Bunch!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Getting on the bandwagon is not Bunch style, but getting on the plastic-free, shampoo bar bandwagon is the one Bunch is getting on for sure! so here they are, eagerly anticipated Bunch Haircare shampoo bars, all three of them!

Plastic-free shampoo bars

Bunch is joining the plastic-free shampoo bar hype with round and foamy numbers!

Just look at them, you want them in your bathroom!

Bunch solid shampoo bars are for you if you are looking for:

  • plastic-free alternative to traditional shampoo

  • travel-friendly and hand-luggage friendly replacement for liquid shampoos

  • gentle cleansing formula

  • super-foamy solid shampoo

  • pH balanced product that will not irritate your scalp

  • hair product packed with beneficial botanicals

  • long-lasting solid shampoo bar

  • soap-free shampoo bar

  • shampoo bar in fully recyclable packaging

  • fragrance-free shampoo bar

  • colourant-free shampoo bar.

If you said yes to any, all or some of the statements above Buch shampoo bars are for you.

There are three shampoo bars to choose from:

Plastic-free, gentle shampoo bars are a great way to reduce the use of plastic and make your bathroom a more eco-friendly space. Shampoo bars are concentrated products, one 80g shampoo bar can replace two 250ml bottles of traditional liquid shampoo. Why is that? Because liquid shampoos are made of up to 80% of water, while solid shampoos are made of mainly active cleansing ingredients, plus gorgeous botanicals and nourishing oils. There's no better time than now to convert to eco-shampooing!

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