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For fussy scalp, we have the solution - soothing shampoo bar for sensitive scalp

It is so easy to forget about scalp health and wellbeing when choosing a shampoo. And it is not so easy to find a good shampoo bar that will not only look after your hair but also after your scalp. As always, here at Bunch, we have a solution! Grab the one and only fragrance-free shampoo bar and treat your scalp to the ultimate soothing experience! Oh yes, you'll get shiny, soft and clean hair too!

Shampoo bar basics and benefits

For all of you new to shampoo bars let me quickly run through the basics of using a shampoo bar and some of the many benefits solid shampoo bars have.

First, the shampoo bar basics:

  1. The shampoo bar is not a soap for hair. Shampoo bars are made of similar ingredients to liquid shampoos, minus the harsh chemicals and water, plus soothing, nourishing and revitalising ingredients your hair and scalp will love.

  2. Shampoo bars from Bunch do not contain soap and have a balanced pH, similar to the acidic pH of your scalp and hair. Thanks to this gentle and natural pH, shampoo bars from Bunch will not irritate your scalp or tangle your hair and will not reduce shine.

  3. You do not need to use acid/vinegar rinse after washing your hair with the Bunch shampoo bar.

  4. Shampoo bars work equally well on long or short hair. They work best on sopping wet hair, so don't forget to wet your hair thoroughly before using a shampoo bar.

  5. To make the most of your shampoo bar and ensure it lasts for as long as possible, keep it dry between washes and don't live it in standing water.

Now let's move on to shampoo bar benefits:

  1. Shampoo bars from Bunch are vegan and plastic-free. Truly zero-waste and cruelty-free products. That's a huge benefit right here for the planet!

  2. Shampoo bars are gentle to your scalp and hair. This is because they are formulated without harsh cleaning ingredients and enriched in beneficial botanicals.

  3. Shampoo bars are long-lasting and efficient. This is because they are formulated without water, which normally forms 80% of the traditional shampoo formula.

  4. Shampoo bars are just the ticket for travelling! Finally, you can take your favourite shampoo with you without using up the precious hand luggage allowance!

  5. Due to the lack of water in the formula, shampoo bars can contain much higher concentrations of hair and scalp loving ingredients!

  6. They make perfect gifts for any eco-conscious beauty lover! They are so cute!

Wow, I don't know about you, but I just absolutely love shampoo bars! You can check all Bunch shampoo bars in our online shop here.

I bet you are 'itching' (pun intended) to find out more about the very special shampoo bar I want to talk about today! The shampoo bar specifically formulated for the needs of sensitive scalp and anyone allergic to essential oils. Welcome to Soothe Fragrance-Free Shampoo Bar!

Enter natural shampoo bar for sensitive scalp

Finding a good shampoo bar is like finding true love, you know it when you find it. And when you find it, you better never ever let it go!

What about finding 'the one' when you are also looking for a shampoo bar that soothes your sensitive scalp? That's double the work! Here at Bunch Headquarters, I've done the hard work for you. All is left for you to do is to click the 'Add to cart' button, sit back and enjoy beautiful hair and healthy scalp thanks to Soothe Fragrance-Free Shampoo Bar.

What makes this shampoo bar so good for sensitive scalps and people with allergies? The secret is in the ingredients and formula!

Soothe Shampoo Bar has been formulated without harsh surfactants, colourings, fragrances or essential oils and thanks to this it is already mild and non-irritating to sensitive scalps. But that's not everything. It also has a pH closely matching that of the scalp. Balanced pH helps preserve the delicate equilibrium of the hair and scalp environment and helps prevent irritation, itchiness and dandruff.

There are also several star ingredients in the formula of soothing shampoo bar, let's shine a light on them and learn more about their properties.

Natural ingredient magic!

Organic chamomile flower powder – The first one in the soothing trio of ingredients in this fragrance-free shampoo bar! Organic chamomile flower powder is naturally rich in soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients. It has also been found that chamomile flower extract can assist in wound healing, help with eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions.

It's been used in hair care formulas for centuries. It has a lovely rich yellow colour and a pleasant, faint herbal scent. It will surely leave your scalp and hair feeling and looking great.

Bisabolol – Another super-soother! Bisabolol is known to have anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. It also helps other beneficial ingredients absorb into the skin, making them work harder for you. It may help soothe skin, reduce redness caused by sun exposure, balance skin tone, and help in skin regeneration and repair processes. It is one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. Another beneficial property includes anti-oxidant action, which can help reduce signs of ageing and irritation.

Bisabolol has a sweet, floral aroma contributing to the gentle, natural scent of the fragrance-free shampoo bar.

Allantoin – Last but not least - allantoin! This plant-based ingredient is known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. It promotes skin regeneration and can help keep your scalp in perfect condition. It can help regenerate damaged scalp, promoting wound healing and reducing itchiness.

Wow, these three ingredients will soothe your tired and irritated scalp in no time! But there's more! Soothe Fragrance-free Shampoo bar also contain nourishing and balancing hemp oil, regenerating coconut oil and panthenol to reduce static and increase shine!

I can see you can't wait to get your hand on one of those amazing Soothe Fragrance-Free Shampoo bars! Go for it, you'll not be disappointed and your scalp will thank you! One of the happy customers said after using Soothe Fragrance-Free Shampoo Bar: 'My scalp has never been so happy!'


Shop now for happy scalp and healthy hair!

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