Earth Day - Sustainability how do we embrace it at Bunch skincare and Haircare

Yesterday was Earth Day, I think every day should be Earth Day and any day is a perfect day to talk about sustainability!

Everybody seems to be talking about sustainability, but it shouldn't just be yet another fashionable word added to the description of the product to make more sales.

Sustainability is at the heart of all I do at Bunch and I'm serious about it! As a small and new brand, what I do is by no means perfect or where I want to be when it comes to sustainability, but I'm getting there, slowly, but surely! So, if you are interested in sustainable living and sustainable beauty, read on to find out what motivates me to run sustainable natural skincare and natural haircare brand.

What is sustainability?

Sustainable packaging doesn't have to be ugly!

We've all heard the 'S' word so many times, but what does it actually mean? There are some complicated definitions and explanations on the web, but this one from a paper by McGill University in Canada resonates:

'Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In addition to natural resources, we also need social and economic resources. Sustainability is not just environmentalism. Embedded in most definitions of sustainability we also find concerns for social equity and economic development.'

Does it resonate with you too? It really encompasses the ethos at Bunch. Sustainability is not only about looking after and protecting the environment, it is also about social justice and peace!

Why is sustainability important?

There are many reasons why sustainability is important and why it can help you live a better life. Here are some reasons to consider and help you on your way to embracing sustainability:

  • preserving resources: there are limited resources on our planet and a sustainable economy, lifestyle and manufacturing practices can help preserve these for now and for future generations. This, in turn, can help prevent food shortages or shortages and supply issues of important items like healthcare supplies.

  • preserving the natural environment: using fewer virgin resources and producing less waste can prevent the destruction of the natural environment. The collapse of natural environmental systems can have far-reaching consequences. Think natural disasters, food shortages, loss of habitat for animals, or more indulgent - the destruction of places we all like to enjoy: coral reefs, forests or meadows.

  • preventing natural disasters: as mentioned above, sustainable life can help prevent changes in the natural environment and weather systems, thus preserving natural balance and helping reduce the chances of natural disasters like floods or droughts.

  • maintaining social justice: there are only so many natural resources, healthcare supplies or food available and using these wisely and sustainably can help make sure that everyone around the world has access to these.

  • support healthcare: living in and having access to a clean environment can have a huge positive impact on human health. We all know by now that many diseases are caused or precipitated by polluted air, water or food.

  • reducing water and energy usage: sustainable practices can help reduce the usage of energy and water. Using recycled or repurposed materials typically requires less energy than manufacturing from virgin materials which normally require more processing.

  • allow for future growth: all the points above lead to this one. Future growth, prevention of wars or even preservation of human civilisation is dependent on the limited resources we have. Therefore; living sustainably, preventing waste, caring for the environment and embracing a circular economy is the only way to go.

plastic free shampoo bars
Sustainable shampoo bars

Sustainability at Bunch

Sustainability really does sound fabulous, right, so I couldn't say no to incorporating sustainable practices at Bunch. Agreed!

Here are some ways sustainability is at the heart of Bunch Skincare and Haircare:

  • sustainable packaging: have you seen our plastic-free shampoo bars, dry shampoos and face cleanser? These fully recyclable containers are made of recycled cardboard and paper. They can also be reused as small storage boxes. Did you know that Bunch Haircare Dry Shampoos are packaged in compostable tubes? Wow! You could actually use them as planting containers! That's what I mean when I talk about sustainable and circular packaging!

  • zero-waste products: shampoo bars, dry shampoos and face cleansers are our take on zero-waste products. These are waste-free because they can be used to the very last bit. Also, the packaging of these shampoo bars, dry shampoos and powder cleanser is fully recyclable and compostable (see above).

  • locally sourced ingredients: ingredients used at Bunch are sourced from distributors and manufacturers located as close as possible. This helps reduce emissions and beauty miles.

  • lightweight products: less weight equals more sustainable products! This is thanks to reduced emissions while transporting lightweight products in comparison to heavy products, e.g. bottles of liquid shampoos.

  • organic ingredients: organic ingredients are widely recognised as having a less negative impact on the natural environment, including the bee population. And caring for the natural environment and preserving it is at the heart of the sustainability movement.

  • water-free products: water is a scarce resource these days. All Bunch products are water-free, making them more concentrated and longer-lasting. Of course, water is used during production but is not included in any formulation. Saving water is the goal here.

  • concentrated products: as mentioned above, Bunch products are concentrated, making them longer-lasting. What does it mean in terms of sustainability? It means your product will last longer and you can buy less. This in turn equals less packaging needed and used. Fewer resources are used for packaging, and shipping and less energy is consumed while making concentrated products.

  • minimum ingredients for maximum benefit: do you really need a product consisting of 40 ingredients? No, you don't! Bunch products are formulated with minimum ingredients for maximum benefit. Helping you look your best while using minimum natural resources.

  • made in small batches: making smaller batches prevents waste. Fewer products are sitting on the shelves going out of date and ending up in the landfill.

  • recycling: this one is pretty obvious! Although some plastic components are used in Bunch packaging, sometimes plastic is not a bad option. It can be recycled, is light (fewer resources are used while transporting it and emission is lower while transporting lighter goods), and can be reused. But the majority of Bunch products are packaged in glass containers that can be recycled indefinitely or in cardboard boxes that can be recycled or composted. Not to mention that whatever materials we use during the production I recycle where possible and I avoid buying ingredients packaged in single-use containers where possible.

I hope this post gave you an insight into sustainability in general and sustainability at Bunch Skincare and Haircare.

Sustainability is not just a fashionable buzzword I use to attract customers. I'm passionate about it and this is due to my love for nature, the environment, and being outdoors. I just love being out and about, be it walking, diving, hiking or just sitting in the park looking at trees and birds or having dinner and a glass of wine al fresco.

Extensive travels around the world made me very aware of the destruction caused by humans and motivated me to create an environmentally conscious and sustainable brand. This is my small contribution to a better future.


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