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Bottles and Pumps

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Cosmetic packaging has been a hot topic for a while now. The cosmetic industry contributes to a massive amount of waste, thanks to 'luxury' overpackaged goods. While we all love beautiful boxes, with fancy ribbons, tissue and noisy cellophane making unboxing such a pleasure, statistics show its a very guilty pleasure!

According to Zero Waste Week, 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry. That's a lot, especially when we learn that 90% of Britons recycle kitchen waste, but only 50% recycle bathroom waste! After all, it's a very long walk from the bathroom to the kitchen recycling bin.

Is all this packaging needed?

Well, I don't think so. Here at Bunch Skincare, we take a practical approach to life and that includes packaging of Bunch Skincare Natural Cosmetics. The most important function of the cosmetic packaging is to protect the product from contamination, damage, evaporation etc. Good packaging also makes the product convenient to use and easy to store. Of course, it's nice when it is of the highest quality and looks good too.

Bunch Skincare packaging consists of premium glass bottles with dispenser pumps, both made in Europe to the highest quality specification. No need to worry about huge CO2 transport footprint and beauty miles.

There is also a label providing all the necessary information. We add a little something to each delivery but rest assured it is made of recycled paper and can be recycled or reused! You'll not find any cellophane or multiple cartons that land in the bin just after two seconds of use!


Let's focus on the most important part, the mighty bottle! Why glass? Glass has been used for centuries to protect various products, from food to medicines. Glass is an excellent material for packaging cosmetic products because it is chemically inert and will not react with the content, it is also easy to clean and sterilise and is impermeable to water and air. Sounds perfect! Also, glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. Check out some cool glass recycling info here.

Bunch Skincare bottles are made of violet glass. It is a very special one. Keep your eyes peeled for a separate blog post describing all the amazing qualities of this type of glass. Also, these bottles are just pretty, so I encourage you to reuse and upcycle them whenever you can!


Why pumps instead of droppers? I have chosen pumps for Bunch Skincare line for practical reasons. It is so much easier to dispense the product using a pump. You will not need to open the bottle to get the product out meaning it stays protected from the external environment and will keep fresh for longer. The pump will also protect your product from spilling, that's a massive bonus! The last thing you want is to spill the precious oil all over your bathroom. If you are into time-saving, the pump dispenser will help with this too, as you only need one hand to use the pump, you know where I'm going with it!

At the moment there are no plastic-free pump dispensers, that is why Bunch Skincare pumps are made of a combination of plastics and a rubber seal. These materials are compatible with oils as they are chemically resistant. The product will not react with the packaging components ensuring product stability and safety. Some of the components may still be recycled, e.g. polypropylene and polyethylene components, but why not reuse the dispenser? It is perfect for dispensing liquids and lotions.

As a small manufacturer, I don't always have access to the newest green technology big players have. It doesn't stop me on the quest to find the most sustainable and fully recyclable packaging. Bunch skincare products are packed in the highest quality material making them perfect for upcycling and reusing. Reusing and upcycling is as good as recycling.


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