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8 ways to maintain your glorious summer glow for longer

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

My sincere apologies for breaking it to you, but somebody has to do it! Summer is almost over! You may have noticed shorter days and less sunshine, not that we had a lot of sunny days this summer... Don't despair! There are ways to keep the sunshine, at least on your skin, for longer!

Sunshine, sweet sunshine

Many books have been written about the sun, so I'm not going to write another one here, but just as a reminder, we literally cannot live without the sun!

Sun gravity holds the entire solar system together. It is the largest object in our solar system and life on earth cannot exist without this powerful star.

Thanks to the powerful energy of the sun plants can photosynthesise and, in turn, produce oxygen. Just imagine what would happen without plants being able to live and supply us with oxygen...

The human body also needs sun rays to create Vitamin D, which is synthesised from direct sunlight on the skin when outdoors.

There are many other benefits sunshine provides. One of them is the glorious summer skin glow we all love and try to maintain all year round! There are ways, and simple ones, to do just that!

8 ways to maintain your glorious summer glow for longer

Follow the strategies below to keep the summer glow and the summer feeling for longer!

  1. Soothe. First and foremost it is important to avoid any sunburn if you are after a healthy and long-lasting tan. But if you notice any redness, apply soothing products containing aloe vera. You can also apply After Sun oils from the Bunch after sun collection. These extra-soothing oils contain bisabolol. Bisabolol is one of the most powerful plant-derived soothing ingredients. It will soothe any irritation caused by sun exposure, reduce redness and will help heal any damage. It is simply a suncare superstar!

  2. Moisturise. Moisturising your skin is important all year round. Using your favourite moisturiser regularly will prevent skin flaking, so it is extra important when you want to keep the suntan you 'worked' so hard on for longer!

  3. Hydrate from within. Skin exposed to extra sunshine and high temperatures may get dehydrated, so keep the water flowing to your skin! And the best way to do it is from within! Remember those two litres of water a day?

  4. Eat foods rich in beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a compound responsible for giving fruits and vegetables their orange colour. It is also a powerful antioxidant that can help fight damage caused by UV rays and in turn, prevent premature ageing of the skin. But what's most important, it can provide your complexion with a radiant glow!

  5. Exfoliate gently. Gentle exfoliation will help you keep an even and glowing complexion. But don't do it too often as too frequent exfoliation may irritate the skin. Up to twice a week will be sufficient to get that glow going!

  6. Continue using sunscreen. Sunscreen is not so secret weapon against skin damage! So don't pack it away as soon as you see the 1st of September on the calendar! Continue using it on sunny days all year around.

  7. Consider adding repairing facial oil to your evening routine. If you never used facial oil early autumn may be a good time to add one to your skincare routine. Head to our blog on facial oils to find out why facial oils are so great! Choose a preparing and soothing oil and pair it up with an evening face massage to improve skin circulation. Adding a drop of facial oil to your daily moisturiser will also power up your moisturiser and will help its ingredients penetrate to the skin's deeper layers!

  8. Go outside. The weather may not be so glorious anymore, but a daily walk in nature will give you an oxygen boost, improve circulation and surely will give your mood a boost! Also, you'll catch those sun rays and top up your tan! You will not get that at the gym!

Here at the Bunch Headquarters, we've got you covered! Check out our selection of organic after sun oils for the face and body.

We have fragrance-free versions available for those of you with sensitive skin. Keep that summer glow going! Naturally!


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