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5 Reasons it's Time to Switch to Zero-Waste Shampoo Bar

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Have you seen the recent article in Guardian revealing the shocking truth about single-use plastics? Unfortunately, there is so much more we all need to do to fight plastic pollution and every little helps when it comes to saving our planet!

Have you thought about making a switch to zero-waste shampoo bars? Read on to find out why switching to a shampoo bar is good news for you and the planet!

1. Join the plastic-free revolution

According to Circular, the average Brit throws away ten shampoo/conditioner bottles a year. This doesn't sound like a lot but when you do the math it adds up to a staggering 520 million shampoo bottles a year in the UK alone! Now, that's a lot! By switching to shampoo bars and conditioners you'll contribute to stopping those bottles from ending up in landfills or worse, in oceans. Sounds like a great idea already!

2. Shampoo bars are travel-friendly

After never-ending lockdowns and being stuck at home for like forever, we all need a holiday and fast! But what we don't need is another leaky 'travel-size' plastic bottle that we have to throw away just before security because it doesn't fit in yet another plastic bag, which is already stuffed with hand sanitiser and your precious fragrance. Here's a simple solution: switch to a zero-waste solid shampoo bar. You'll whizz through the airport security and will be able to take your favourite shampoo on holiday with you! Where do I sign?

3. Shampoo Bars are concentrated

Ok, but what does it mean for you? It means the shampoo bar will last much longer than traditional liquid shampoo. Liquid shampoos are typically formulated with 70% of water, while solid shampoo bars are typically formulated with 70% or more cleaning ingredients! The switch may seem pricey but an 80g shampoo bar can replace up to 3 standard liquid shampoo bottles.

4. Shampoo Bars are good for your hair and scalp

Shampoo bars are typically formulated with gentle cleaning ingredients; therefore they are less likely to strip your hair and scalp from the protective lipid layer. Don't worry, your hair and scalp will gen cleaned, but in a much more gentle way! Shampoo bars are formulated with beneficial botanicals that will leave your hair shiny, soft and manageable.

5. Shampoo bars save time and water

Wow, this sounds like a bold statement! But it is true! Since they are concentrated, you don't have to buy them as often as traditional liquid shampoos, hence fewer trips to the shops equal more time for doing what you really love! You need a decent amount of water to lather up the shampoo bar and wash your hair, but solid shampoo bars are formulated without water meaning there's already less water used in the production process.

Can you think of any other shampoo bars benefits? Let us know!

Bunch shampoo bars are plastic-free, formulated with botanical and where possible, organic, ingredients, and always vegan. Time to join the plastic-free revolution, protect the planet and look great at the same time!


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