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31 Ideas for Plastic-free July

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Woohoo! Plastic-free July is just around the corner, are you ready for the challenge and going to get involved?

Plastics are present in every aspect of our lives, but it is easier than you think to reduce or even remove them from our everyday life, thanks to the ever-growing choice of plastic-free options.

Have a look at the list below to get inspired and make lasting change, because every day should be a plastic-free day!

Plastic-free Beauty and Personal Care

Let us start with the bathroom. It should be an oasis of calm and a place of relaxation, unfortunately, our beauty and personal care rituals contribute vastly to the mountain of plastic! Luckily, there are a growing range of plastic-free beauty and personal care products to make your rituals not only good for you but also great for the planet.

  1. Replace liquid shampoos and conditioners with conditioner and shampoo bars.

  2. Replace liquid soap and shower gels with soap bars.

  3. Buy plastic-free feminine hygiene products.

  4. Replace single-use makeup removal pads with washable ones.

  5. Replace disposable plastic razors with steel ones.

  6. Buy beauty products packaged in glass or aluminium, which can be recycled indefinitely.

  7. Reduce the number of beauty products in your routine.

  8. Never, ever buy wet wipes again!

  9. Stop buying overpackaged beauty items, say no to cellophane. Most of the outer packaging is unnecessary and only used for seconds.

  10. Use what you have before buying new beauty and personal hygiene products.

Plastic-free Pets

Apparently, owning a pet is not a very sustainable thing to do, somebody in New Zealand suggested that a medium-sized dog has an ecological footprint equivalent to twice that of an average SUV! Owning a pet largely brings happiness, joy and improves our quality of life, and we can improve ecological pawprint by making small changes such as the ones listed below.

  1. Use compostable poo-bags instead of plastic ones.

  2. Buy pet food packed in tins or cartons, not in plastic bags or single-use pouches.

  3. Buy pet toys made of natural and sustainable materials.

  4. Try pet shampoo bars instead of liquid products.

  5. Use compostable cat litter.

Plastic-free Shopping and Going-out

We are all guilty of using plastics, especially the single-use kind when we are out about! But fear not! Read on to discover super-simple ways to help you on your way to a plastic-free life.

  1. Say no to plastic shopping bags and bring your own canvas shoppers.

  2. Give up chewing gum. It's hard to believe but the majority of chewing gums contain plastic!

  3. Replace your single-use face covering with one made of fabric, that can be washed and reused.

  4. Use a reusable water bottle.

  5. Buy in bulk. There is a growing number of grocery shops selling zero-waste products that can be filled into your own containers.

  6. Buy unpackaged produce. Ask yourself, do you really need to put two lemons into a plastic bag that will then take hundreds of years to decompose?

  7. Cook more at home and divert hundreds of pieces of ready-meal packaging from the landfill, and save money in the process.

  8. Bring your own reusable cup to your favourite coffee shop and have it filled with the drink you love.

  9. When you order a takeaway meal, refuse plastic cutlery.

  10. Skip the straw, surely you can drink mojito without one?

  11. Reduce food waste. Get creative with your meal prep and try to use everything you buy.

  12. Buy only what you need to reduce waste.

  13. Buy clothing made of natural fibres. Once you are done with it, donate to charity.

  14. Travel smart and don't buy travel minis. they may look cute, but are very non-eco. Use solid shampoos, soaps and plastic-free dry shampoos when travelling.

  15. Complete a waste audit to understand how much waste you create and to help you find ways to reduce it.

Make a Lasting Change

Plastic-free July is a great initiative and a great time to kick-start your plastic-free journey. While going for a plastic-free and eco-friendly lifestyle let's remember the number one rule that will help you achieve your goal:

  1. Reduce!

Reducing the number of items you own, use and subsequently throw away will make a lasting impact on the future of our planet.

Happy Plastic-Free Life!


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