10 tips on how to care for your skin this summer

Technically it is still spring, but I like to be ahead of the game here at Bunch Headquarters (employee of the year, anyone?)! That's why today's post is about summer skincare!

How does the sun affect your skin?

Our lives literally revolve around the sun. Without it, we would not exist, period. Our bodies would not function correctly without these glorious rays. But too much of a good thing can be bad, that is why it is important to be sensible while enjoying the sunshine.

How does the sunlight affect your skin then? In moderation, the sun is good for you and your skin, but too much of it can cause serious damage and can even lead to skin cancer.

The sunlight spectrum consists of several types of light, but the main culprits causing skin sun damage are UVA ad UVB rays, but another type called high-energy visible (HEVIS) can cause further stress to the skin.

All of the above-mentioned types of light can cause hyperpigmentation. Additionally, UVA rays can penetrate into deep layers of skin and can cause damage on several levels, e.g. affecting collagen and elastic fibres responsible for skin elasticity and suppleness. They can also cause oxidative stress to the skin by facilitating the creation of free radicals.

UVB light mainly affects the superficial layers of the skin and is chiefly responsible for sunburn, but can also cause DNA damage and photoallergies.

HEVIS can additionally cause photoallergies, premature ageing and hyperpigmentation.

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Signs of photoaging

Photoaging happens when the skin structure is permanently damaged by radiation emitted by the sun or sunbeds. The sun is responsible for 90% of premature ageing.

Photoaging is easy to spot, just compare the area of your skin exposed to a lot of sun rays (e.g. skin on your face or hands) and the area not exposed to so much sunlight. There are several signs of photoaging, these include:

  • hyperpigmentation (e.g. age spots, liver spots, freckles)

  • wrinkles

  • loss of suppleness and elasticity

  • skin sagging

  • redness

  • blotchiness

  • loss of skin tone

  • spider veins caused by the breaking of small veins, particularly around the nose and chest

  • changes to skin texture, e.g. rough and uneven skin surface.

Benefits of the sun for skin

Now onto the good stuff, because sunlight is not all bad!

Sunlight is essential to our well-being and has a great potential to enhance our mood. The rate of serotonin production (the neurotransmitter responsible for controlling mood and sleep among other body functions) is directly correlated with sun exposure. As you may know, a lot of people suffer from low mood, sleep pattern disruption or low energy during the winter months and this is due to the reduced amount of sunlight.

Another positive effect of sun exposure is vitamin D production. Vitamin D is made from cholesterol in your skin when it is exposed to the sun. Vitamin D is vital for our bodies to function correctly. Low levels of vitamin D can contribute to low bone density, low mood, cancer and muscle weakness, so it is crucial to get enough sun exposure to enable our bodies to synthesise enough vitamin D.

Summer skincare tips

A solid summer skincare routine will help you make the most of the sunshine and will prevent skin sun damage. It will also help keep the summer glow for months beyond.

summer skincare tips
  1. Use sunscreen daily. No wonder this is number one on our list! After reading the paragraphs above, you'll know why. And don't worry, you'll still get a tan! Don't forget to apply it to your ears, hands, lips and feet. Yep, we've all been there...

  2. Moisturise. This one is pretty obvious too! Make it even easier this summer by applying a moisturiser that contains SPF too.

  3. Use products containing antioxidants. Sunrays are known to cause oxidative stress; therefore it is very important to use products to prevent the creation of free radicals. Make sure your summer skincare products contain antioxidant vitamins like C and E. Our Antioxidant Organic Facial Oil is here to deliver plenty of antioxidant vitamins!

  4. Hydrate your skin from the inside. In other words, drink plenty of water!

  5. Exfoliate. Exfoliation is important all year round; therefore don't forget it in the summer, especially if you have oily skin. If your go-to exfoliator contains AHAs be sure to use sunscreen as AHAs can make skin more photosensitive. You can also use our gently exfoliating powder cleanser for this purpose.

  6. Face Massage with gua sha or roller. Summer is a season of indulgence, so why not indulge in a new ritual and introduce face massage to your skincare routine? Just don't forget to use suitable face oil to make the experience smooth. Check our selection of facial oils to find the one!

  7. Go for a facial. Because why not! With so many treatments on offer, you are sure to find the one to help you look your best by the poolside!

  8. Use a face pack. Regular use of a face mask can help strengthen, moisturise or keep your complexion glowing.

  9. Get outside! It may be tempting to stay in the air-conditioned building all day long, but this would not constitute good use of the summer weather! Go outside (don't forget SPF), sit or walk in the sun and just watch yourself become happier!

  10. Go lighter on the makeup. Makeup may feel like a little too much during the hot, summer days. Embrace your natural beauty and go without it!

Typically hot and humid summer days can cause some skin problems and complications. Follow the steps above, protect your body with SPF, sunhat and light summer clothes made of natural materials, drink plenty of water and you'll step into the autumn feeling and looking great!

Happy summering!


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