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10 simple ways to upgrade your bathroom into a sustainable space

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Sustainability seems to be on everyone's mind these days, and that's great news!!! You read about it in newspapers, you hear about it on the radio, even your mum has swapped plastic shopping bag for a canvas one! So how do you get involved? How about starting with an overhaul of your bathroom and your beauty routine? Read on if you are stuck for ideas on how to banish plastics and single-use items from your bathroom!

sustainable bathroom and beauty products

Quick and easy ways to make your bathroom more sustainable

You don't have to replace plumbing to make your bathroom more eco-friendly, just follow these simple steps and they will make a huge difference!

  1. Make sure your taps are not leaky! If they are, get them fixed ASAP. Wasting clean water is not very eco, and the sound of dripping taps can be very, very annoying!

  2. Swap single-use make-up remover pads for reusable ones! Cotton production uses a huge amount of water, so not only you stop approximately 1300 cotton pads ending up in landfill every single year, but you will also help protect water resources. Not to mention preventing plastic wrappers from ending up in the oceans!

  3. Swap liquid soap and liquid shower gel for a soap or syndet bar! This simple swap will prevent many plastic bottles from entering circulation.

  4. Use products made of organic and vegan ingredients. Industrial farming and agriculture fuelled by pesticides cause enormous damage to the environment and waterways, by choosing organic products you reducing the need for pesticides. Check Bunch shop for a selection of simple, organic beauty buys for skin, body and hair.

  5. Replace faux plants for natural foliage! It will instantly turn your bathroom into a spa! Free oxygen generated by plants is a bonus!

  6. Shop for sustainably packaged beauty products! Have you seen our beautiful glass bottles that can be easily upcycled? Have you swapped your ordinary dry shampoo for Bunch shampoo packed in compostable cardboard shakers?

  7. Replace loo roll wrapped in plastic with options sold with paper wrappers.

  8. Ditch single-use wet wipes, there are plenty of organic and reusable alternatives to this single-use nightmare.

  9. Use powder beauty products like Bunch Cleanser. Powder beauty products stay fresh for much longer than their water-based counterparts preventing waste. They are much lighter, therefore reducing the carbon footprint of transportation and can be sold in eco-friendly packaging, like our compostable cardboard shakers! What's there not to love?

  10. Sustainability doesn't have to end with you! Encourage your family to join in! Maybe use a gender-neutral product that can be enjoyed by everyone rather than buying a different product for each family member? Bunch will be launching soon a selection of solid shampoos suitable for all family members!

Let us know if you have any tips to make the bathroom a more sustainable place!

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