Choose from plastic-free face wash, shampoo bars or dry shampoos.
Sustainability never looked and felt so great!

It's time to join the plastic-free revolution and Bunch Skincare and Haircare is here to help you get started!

We have a selection of three plastic-free solid shampoo bars, two dry shampoos in compostable packaging and a gentle powder cleanser, also in paper, compostable packaging.

Soothe Solid Shampoo Bar formulated for sensitive scalp with a tendency to dandruff, flaking or for those allergic to essential oils.

Balance Solid Shampoo Bar is the one for you if your hair and scalp tend to be on the oily side. 

Restore Shampoo Bar has been created with nourishing oils and botanicals to gently clean your hair without drying it. 

Revitalising Natural Dry Shampoos are here to help you on those days when you don't have time to wash your hair

Cleanse Natural Powder Wash is a revolutionary product that will gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Just add water to create a rich lather, brimming with spirulina, pineapple powder and rice powder for non-irritating cleansing experience.