Great products are only as good as their ingredients. This is why we only use natural ingredients, organic where possible. 
We never use synthetic fragrances or colourings. All ingredients are ben serve a purpose and are beneficial to your skin, hair and senses. 


Yellow Flower




Say hi to the power of nature hidden in high-quality, plant-based ingredients.

Formulas for our organic facial oils and body oils, plastic-free powder cleansers, plastic-free shampoo bars and vegan dry shampoos are created from scratch. We blend organic botanical oils, organic essential oils, vitamins, herbs and gentle plant-derived cleaning ingredients to bring you gentle yet effective products.

We choose organic ingredients where possible, because organic is better for the people, for the planet and of course,  for your skin and hair too! 

Bunch Skincare and Haircare products are created with:

  • Organic botanical oils. These include almond, argan, baobab, borage, castor, calendula, coconut, coffee, castor, grapeseed, hemp, jojoba, marula and macadamia oils, neem, rice bran, rosehip oil and walnut oil.

  • Organic essential oils including benzoin resin, chamomile,  eucalyptus, frankincense, geranium, juniper, lavender,  lemon and mandarin.

  • Active botanical ingredients like soothing allantoin, antioxidant beta-carotene, anti-inflammatory bisabolol, purifying coconut charcoal, rejuvenating coenzyme Q10, powerful vitamin A and E, renewing spirulina, protective phytosterols, antistatic panthenol, conditioning fatty acids, broccoli-derived hair conditioning ingredients. 

  • Organic herbs including nettle and horsetail for hair, chamomile for hair and skin.

  • Natural clays and powders like purifying kaolin clay, rejuvenating pink clay, highly absorbent organic arrowroot and rice powders.

  • Gentle cleansing ingredients including gentle and effective coconut and yucca-derived surfactants.

Head to the Bunch blog, where we will be posting about all the amazing ingredients we have chosen just for you!





Say bye to unnecessary ingredients and fillers.

Our organic facial oils and body oils, plastic-free powder cleansers, plastic-free shampoo bars and vegan dry shampoos are formulated only with essential ingredients to make effective products. We do not believe more is more.

Bunch Skincare and Haircare products are created without:

  • Ingredients of animal origin,  because animals don't have to suffer for us to look and feel great. Quite the opposite.

  • Ingredients that serve no purpose.  A lot of mainstream products have a list of ingredients in excess of 30! While in reality skin and hair beneficial formulas can be created with just a handful of high-quality, carefully selected ingredients. This is why you'll find no fillers in Bunch Skincare and Haircare products. 

  • Colourants or dyes. While we are all in for a great lippy or eye shadow, we don't think skincare or haircare products need dyes or colourings. The colours you see in our products come from natural ingredients included in formulas, for example, the deep orange colour of After sun oils comes from carrot oil while the dark green of Balance Shampoo Bar for Oily Hair is courtesy of spirulina and nettle. 

  • Synthetic fragrances have no place in natural skincare and haircare. They can be highly irritating, especially to people with sensitive skin. And why choose synthetic when there are so many beautiful natural scents!

  • Palm oil.  Sustainability is one of Bunch Skincare and Haircare core values, that is why we don't use palm oil as its manufacture is connected with deforestation, climate collapse and loss of habitat. 

  • Soybean oil.  Another type of crop contributing to climate change and deforestation. This is why you'll never find soybean oil in our organic facial oils, organic body oils or plastic-free shampoo bars.