Let us help you look great on your holidays and beyond!

Whether you are looking for hand-luggage friendly products or something to help you keep that holiday glow for longer, have a look at our hand-picked selection of travel essentials. Make your holiday more sustainable by avoiding buying single-use minis in plastic. 

Shampoo bars are the perfect way to take your favourite hair product with you! Packed in lightweight and eco-friendly cartons, these products can be put in your hand luggage without using up the precious liquid allowance! choose from Balance Shampoo Bar for oily and normal hair, Restore Shampoo Bar for dry and damaged hair or Soothe Shampoo Bar for sensitive and problematic scalp.

Going on holiday without dry shampoo is like going to shops without reusable bags, right? Take Revitalising Dry Shampoo with you, for an eco-friendly, sustainable option, look fabulous at that beach party and feel great knowing your shampoo is completely natural and its packaging can be composted! A fragrance-free version of our award-winning dry shampoo is also available.

Not enough suitcase space for exfoliator and face wash? Fear not! Pop in Cleanse Natural Face Wash and you are ready to go! This cleanser contains botanical powders providing gentle exfoliation, while rich lather cleanses your skin without stripping the protective layer.

SPF is non-negotiable but what about looking after your skin after sunbathing session? Try one of After Sun Organic Oils! There are face and body versions available, including fragrance-free products for those of you with sensitive skin. Blended with regenerating and protecting botanical oils with soothing and antiinflammatory bisabolol and antioxidant vitamins, these rich oils will help you keep that summer glow and holiday feeling for longer.