Sustainable, plastic-free solid shampoo bars and dry shampoos.
Good for your hair and scalp, good for the planet.

It's time to join the plastic-free revolution and it's easier than you think! Why not start with sustainable, plastic-free haircare?

Choose from three nourishing and gentle solid shampoo bars, formulated with the highest quality botanical ingredients. Whether you have oily, normal, dry, damaged hair or sensitive scalp, we have s shampoo bar for you.

Soothe Solid Shampoo Bar is the one if you suffer from sensitive scalp, dandruff or essential oils tend to irritate your skin. Enjoy rich lather, herbal camomille aroma and soft, nourished hair.

We have something really green for oily and normal hair! Balance Solid Shampoo Bar is the one for you if your hair and scalp tend to be on the oily side. Enriched with spirulina and nettle, this gentle shampoo bar will leave your scalp and hair clean, soft, nourished and balance. It has a refreshing mandarin and eucalyptus aroma. 

Dry and damaged hair is also catered for. Restore Shampoo Bar has been formulated with nourishing oils and botanicals and gentle cleaning agents to give a shampoo bar that will gently clean your hair without drying it. Say hello to restored, nourished and shiny hair!

What about the day when you don't have time to wash your hair with one of our lovely shampoo bars? Don't worry, we have you covered with Revitalising Natural Dry Shampoos! These highly absorbent blends are so much more than your regular dry shampoo! They will leave your hair looking fresh and nourished thanks to revitalising nettle and panthenol. And they are packaged in fully compostable paper tubes! 

Being sustainable and eco-friendly never looked so good!