Find the perfect organic body oil for your skin type.
A fragrance-free selection is available. 

Organic body oil can be a beneficial addition to your daily skincare routine. Body oils are concentrated, highly nutritious products that can provide additional moisturisation, protection and replenishment to your skin. Our vegan and organic body oils are perfect for an evening ritual and massage after a bath or shower. 

Choose Moisture Organic Body Oil if your skin needs deep moisturisation, feels rough or flaky. Use this deeply moisturising, award-winning body oil all over the body or on dry and rough areas like elbows or knees. Moisturising organic body oil is indispensable during colder months when skin tends to dry more quickly and required additional protection from elements, but this lightweight oil can equally be used instead of a heavy body balm during hotter times of the year. A fragrance-free version is available.

Blended with juniper, rosemary and coffee oils, Tone Organic Body Oil is here to help you with uneven, saggy skin and getting rid of toxins.  This aromatic oil is just the ticket when you need to relax and unwind in the evening. Just massage it into damp skin and relax!

After Sun Organic Body oils will help you soothe your skin after sun, wind and salty water exposure. These award-winning blends of botanical ingredients have been formulated with sensitive skin in mind and can be used all year round, to soothe and replenish sensitive skin.