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Do You love your skin and hair?

Do You want truly natural, uncomplicated and sustainable beauty products without excess packaging and compromising on quality?

You have found your match! Bunch Skincare and Haircare was created for all the natural beauty lovers, who expect quality products that work, without unnecessary packaging, complicated names and never-ending list of ingredients.

High-quality natural formulas can be fun, have sustainable packaging and contain only essential ingredients to look after skin and hair in a natural, easy to understand and simple way. Leonardo da Vinci must have thought of Bunch when he said: ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’

It’s time to go back to basics, change the conversation and stop calling everything an ‘elixir’ or ‘treatment ritual’ because there’s nothing wrong with a face oil or a shampoo. Quality doesn’t have to be complicated and simplicity doesn’t have to be boring.

Bunch Skincare and Haircare Mission: Combine quality with simplicity to bring you sustainable products for the beautiful, healthy skin and hair you already have.

How it all started?

As a trained skincare and haircare formulator, qualified pharmacist and somebody who loves nature and simplicity, I wanted to create skin and hair products that are not only professionally formulated, of the highest quality, great for skin and hair but also sustainable and kind to the environment.

I’ve noticed that formulas quality natural skincare and haircare products became increasingly complicated, overpackaged and have names that don’t mean anything. I thought this is not a sustainable way to do beauty!

My formula for beauty is simple: fewer and higher quality ingredients, no fillers or colourants and only essential packaging. Independently female-owned, professionally formulated from scratch in Letchworth Garden City, home of famous black squirrel and the first roundabout in the UK!


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Bunch Skincare says yes to:

  • High-quality ingredients

  • Ingredients of plant origin

  • Organically produced components

  • Biodegradable and natural

  • Transparency

  • Sustainability

  • Slow and inclusive beauty

  • Minimum ingredients for maximum benefit

  • Small, hand-made batches produced fresh in the UK

  • Minimal, recyclable and reusable packaging

  • Recyclable and plastic-free shipping materials

  • Packaging made in the United Kingdom and Europe

Bunch Skincare says no to:

  • Animal testing

  • Ingredients of animal origin

  • Ingredients that serve no purpose

  • Colourants

  • Synthetic fragrances

  • Overpowering scents

  • Complicated formulas

  • Excessive packaging

  • Endless beauty miles

  • Palm and soybean

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