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I’m Gosia, founder of Bunch Skincare, trained skincare formulator, qualified pharmacist, nature lover, flat shoe fanatic and practical jokes addict!


How did I come about creating Bunch Skincare...oh to tell the whole story would take some time, but in short, my interest in beauty evolved from my love of biology, chemistry, and science.


From an early age, I had a keen interest in biology and chemistry. I got my first microscope from my grandfather when I was about 8 and since then biology and chemistry became my passion. I collected plants and insects and examined them under my favourite new toy. I was deeply fascinated by how human skin and hair looked magnified to massive proportions. I have never seen anything like this before! :)

During my teenage years, I spent most of my pocket money and lots of time on studying beauty pages of glossy magazines and trying all sorts of skincare and make-up products and indulging in buying the fragrance.


One thing led to another and I secured a placement on MSc in pharmacy course. The pharmacy course proved to be a perfect combination of science, technology, and experimentation. It provided me with in-depth knowledge of chemistry, human biology, pharmaceutical botany, and pharmacognosy just to name a few topics. But the highlight of the course was pharmaceutical formulation! I thoroughly enjoyed studying the theory behind and then making various potions, creams, solutions, tablets and many other products. There was something fascinating in being able to combine ingredients and formulate products that until now I could only see on the shelves of a pharmacy or beauty shop! And here I was, making it all myself! How cool was that?!


A diversified career in the pharmaceutical industry followed. I worked anywhere from a small community pharmacy to big pharma corporations. This experience gave me a thorough understanding of customer services and needs, development and manufacturing, formulation as well as regulation of medicines. 


I’m a dreamer and always dreamt of running my own business and be independent, especially during lengthy corporate ‘Gilbert style’ meetings...Dreaming about the next pair of shoes or dreaming-up various ideas for businesses, called ‘pipe dreams’. Ideas flew, but it all came together when I realised that the idea of starting a beauty brand will combine perfectly my background and experience in pharmaceuticals, biology, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, and manufacturing and my love of skincare products. So here I am, bringing you beautiful, natural products, merging science, nature, care for the environment and a sprinkle of fun! Enjoy. 

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