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Tropical Leaves

Bunch Skincare says no to:

  • Animal testing

  • Ingredients of animal origin

  • Ingredients that serve no purpose

  • Synthetic fragrances

  • Overcomplicated formulas

  • Excessive packaging

  • Endless beauty miles

  • Palm and soybean oil

Tropical Leaves

Bunch Skincare says yes to:

  • High-quality ingredients

  • Ingredients of plant origin

  • Organically produced components

  • Biodegradable and natural

  • Transparency

  • Sustainability

  • Slow and inclusive beauty

  • Minimum ingredients for maximum benefit

  • Small, hand-made batches produced fresh in the UK

  • Recyclable and reusable packaging

  • Recyclable shipping materials

  • Packaging made in the United Kingdom and Europe

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Vegan Skincare and Haircare


Moisture Organic Body Oil, I like to use something like this on any dry patches like my elbows, knees or ankles. It smells really nice and you only need a small amount. 

Sarah S.T. 

I really like the smell of this oil as I applied it to my face and it feels quite refreshing. I love anything with tea tree and this oil is soothing and you only need to use a small amount. 

Sarah S.T.

I have added Balance Organic Face Oil into my evening skincare routine, this product does not make your skin oilier, it has the opposite effect!

I would 100% recommend Bunch Skincare!

Kelly W.

I experience dry skin prone to eczema and bunch skincare oil feels wonderful on my skin. It instantly improves the appearance. I am fair toned with a hint of sun kissed tan and the oil rejuvenates the golden glow.

Sarah C.

I'd describe Aftersun Body Oil as dry oil and by that I mean it feels invisible on the skin, there's no greasy residue following application. This isn't one of those products you'll be standing naked in the bedroom waiting for it to absorb before getting dressed. 

Sarah C.

I like that the products use minimal ingredients, avoiding a never-ending list of additives. The packaging is glass with convenient pump-dispensers.

Sarah V.B.

Tone Organic Body Oil is a lovely, high quality oil. It's great for moisturizing, toning. 

With rosemary, geranium and mandarin it gives a gorgeous fresh and fruity fragrance that really soaks into your skin and causes the scent to last for a while.

Sarah W.M.

It was lovely to receive a small packet of wildflower seeds with my oil, so I can grow my own bunch - I am looking forward to sowing these seeds and seeing the flowers that bloom too!


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